Managing Cyber Risk


Cyber risk arises from the complex interactions between people, control and technology.  

It cannot be solved with just awareness, or with policy and process or with technology alone. It takes the right mix of all three to mitigate cyber risk. 

Our technology is designed to make it faster, easier and less complex for organizations of all kinds and sizes to get a sense for their cyber risk and to help them take actions to reduce that risk on day one by addressing cyber risk as a people, process, culture and technology challenge. 

The Problem


Organizations of all kinds and sizes, from the biggest banks and governments to small businesses and more face an ever-growing cybersecurity challenge. Whether it's from organized online criminals, nation-states, hacktivists or just thrill seekers out to sow chaos and confusion. 

So far, the attackers have been winning. 95% of cyber-attacks and incidents exploit unsuspecting
and uninformed employees. Attackers have realized that tricking your people or taking advantage of process and culture gaps is the easiest way into your organization. 

Many don't know where to start when it comes to tackling this threat. For others, the scale of the problem is so overwhelming they can't keep up. 

For many, it's a question of how best to apply limited resources - people, time, money - to have the greatest impact to the organization and to reduce cyber risk. 

The solution

Beauceron was designed from the ground up by cybersecurity professionals confronting rising threats with limited time, budget and human resources. 

Our software-as-a-service offers a complete solution for surveying, education, simulated phishing and scoring your team members, providing them with insight and tools to better manage their personal cyber risk. 

Powerful organizational dashboard and reports also make it easy for every one from IT to HR, to managers and senior leaders to understand what's going on in their organization and to get involved in managing cyber risk. 

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