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A Personal Risk Score

Beyond Awareness into Accountability

Creating a personal risk score for each individual provides context into the risk they pose to the organization. 

The score takes into account how much they know about cyber security and how much they care about cybersecurity.

It also looks at how well they do in their regular education as well as if they have fallen for any real attacks or simulated security incidents such as phishing e-mail simulations. 

Most importantly, this score changes over time based on the users interaction with Beauceron.  



This was the best “education/compliance” course I have taken in years. Short but full of information, interactive, followed up with real situations. Nice job!
— Anonymous User from an Early Adopter Customer

Beauceron helps organizations move from informed team members to empowered and accountable employees. Every employee is given their own individualized dashboard which becomes their one-stop-shop for cybersecurity awareness.

They can:

  • Review their Personal Risk Score

  • Complete Surveys

  • Complete Education

  • Learn about their Exposures to Cybercriminals

  • Learn about any Simulated or Real Incidents they fell victim to

  • Learn about any Rewards they've been given

  • Receive Security News & Updates


Customizable learning

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Ready to go on Day 1

Designed and written by security experts, Beauceron's out of the box content provides an excellent overview of the threat landscape and how employees can protect their organization. 

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Build your own content

Is there a specific challenge your organization is facing? Build a custom course in our editor and deploy it to specific groups of people,  entire divisions or the whole company. 

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Third-party content 

If you already have invested in custom SCORM 1.2 courses for your organization, you're able to upload it to use in lieu of our training or in combination with it. 

Ongoing education

Choose from our course gallary to encourage learning throughout the year

Beauceron's core courses cover the world of cybercrime, social engineering, malware and the fundamentals of protecting yourself and your organization online. Supplemental courses available for deployment as part of regular training updates includes more in-depth modules on account security, preventing data breaches, physical security and more. Supplemental courses can automatically be deployed to users after a real or simulated security incident.

In addition to these course offerings, Beauceron also offers an annual refresher course designed to help experienced team member keep up to date on the latest threats and security best practices, without needlessly repeating past course content. 

  • The World of Cybercrime

  • Social Engineering 101

  • Malware 101

  • Securing Yourself

  • Advanced Social Engineering

  • Malware In-Depth

  • Physical Security

  • Importance of IT Security Policy

  • Advanced Account Security

  • Preventing Data Breaches

  • Improper Use of IT

  • Device Loss

The Right information at the Right time

Keep track of Real Incidents

Filling out a short form or integrating in with your existing ticket tracking system enables IT teams to close the educational loop once folks have had an incident. You can customize a message to them describing what happened, how to avoid it in the future and assign remedial training specific to their incident.  

Assign Rewards

Recognize the employees that go above and beyond their job title to learn more and actively participate in protecting the organization with our easy-to-use rewards. Filling out a short form follows up with those employees, displays on their personal dashboard and has a positive impact on their risk score.  

understand exposures

With Beauceron's integration into the haveibeenpwned database, employees and employers have insight into the data breaches their e-mails have been involved in. 


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