November Release

It's been a busy start to the fall at Beauceron and we're thrilled to announce our latest batch of new and enhanced features as well as continuous improvements to our cyber risk platform.

In this month's release we have the following great new updates:

Major New Features:

  • Beauceron Nexus 1.0

This is our first edition of comparative analytics, which provide context for organizations and individuals to see where they stand in comparison to aggregate data from Beauceron customers across North America. Comparative analytics help organizations of all kinds answer the question: How are we doing with our overall risk not just over time, but against an average or index.  For individuals within any of our client organizations, being able to see how they're doing compared to peers can help encourage progress and lead to friendly competitions among colleagues to see who can get and maintain the best score. 

 If you have any questions or feedback about this feature please reach out to your Beauceron reseller representative. 

  • PhishForward 1.0

Beauceron has now made it fast, easy (and fun!) to report suspected phishes. Using PhishForward, employees can easily send in suspected phishing simulations or real phishes. If they're a simulation, they'll be rewarded with risk reduction points and with a positive message.  Future version of PhishForward will add insight to real phishes reported by your organizational members. 

The best part of PhishForward is its simplicity - all your users have to do is forward a message to an e-mail address you set up and configure to work with Beauceron. It works for all e-mail use cases, from desktop clients to webmail to mobile devices like iPhones. 

Under the Reporting tab, organizations can now run a report to understand the simulated and potential phishes that have been submitted by employees. Positive rewards are given to employees that actively report phishes to their specified location within the organization to reinforce the positive behaviour.

  • Individual Experience

The individual dashboard has received significant improvements to increase the intuitiveness of the product for end-users. For example,  the user onboarding progress bar has changed from the four steps to an visual line on the bottom. The login page has also been enhanced.

Product Improvements

Individual Dashboard

  • Average Personal Score History graph now shows division user average for comparison.
  • Improved feedback messages received when reporting a phish via PhishForward.
  • New supplemental course content for reported real incidents

Organization Dashboard

  • Score history graphs now show organizational and Beauceron Index comparison scores.
  • Manual user management processes are now disabled when automated user sync is enabled.
  • Removing an incident will now also remove any associated remedial training course that was assigned.
  • Core courses and surveys are automatically assigned by the system, and can no longer be manually assigned or removed.
  • Division administrators can now specify additional information for improved risk profile, including geographic location and industry category.


  • New phishes have been added to the random pool.

System Configuration

  • System administrators can now view the list of current phishing domains under System Configuration.
  • System administrators can change the display name of the entire organization.

If you have any questions about these new features, or how to implement new functionality such as PhishForward please reach out to your reseller representative or contact us at