Happy Birthday Beauceron

Beauceron is officially into its second year! 

Since our official incorporation on April 12, 2016, we've been busy:

  • Defined a new approach and technique for measuring cyber risk
  • Defined, designed and planned a bold architecture to bring that approach to life
  • Built a new software-as-as-service platform in for managing and monitoring cyber risk
  • Developed unique, compelling educational content and cyber attack simulations and integrated them into our platform
  • Recruited five initial beta sites with hundreds of users putting Beauceron through its paces in a real-world environments
  • Recruited a team of Atlantic Canada's top business and technology advisors
  • Developed partnerships with several technology firms to help introduce our technology across North America
  • Joined Energia Ventures, an incredibly supportive start-up accelerator that's part of the J. Herbert Smith Technology Management and Entrepreneurship Centre at the University of New Brunswick

None of this would be possible without the tireless efforts of our founding team (and the sacrifices of their families as folks worked hundreds of hours on evenings, weekends and sometimes vacation days) over the past year. 

It also wouldn't have happened without a small army of advisors, supporters and encouragers.

Over the next few months, we'll have much more to share about our revolutionary approach, our fantastic technology, the progress we've made with a series of new early adopter partners and our plans for creating the next great Canadian technology success story. 


David Shipley, BA, MBA, CISM
Beauceron Security Inc.