"Two Very Bad Things Coming Together In A Very Bad Situation": Beauceron CEO On Global Ransomware Attack

Beauceron CEO David Shipley spoke with New Brunswick's 91.9 about the WannaCry global ransomware epidemic and its impact on the UK national health system. 

The CEO of New Brunswick cybersecurity company Beauceron Security says the ongoing massive, worldwide ransomware attack is not just a technology problem.

David Shipley says in his role at the University of New Brunswick, they've seen malware in emails sent to their system go from 149,000 a month, to more than 3 million per month.

He explains at the UK's National Health Service, the attack began with "phishing" emails pretending to be clinical or lab results, that actually launched the infection.

"And then they used a government exploit that had been leaked from the NSA to start moving very, very rapidly from machine to machine infection," says Shipley. "And so it was two very bad things coming together in a very bad situation."

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