A balanced approach to cybersecurity: Beauceron CEO talks to Global News at the 2017 CyberSmart Summit

Taking a balanced approach to cybersecurity and cyber risk is a lot like living a healthy lifestyle as an individual, says Beauceron CEO David Shipley. 

“Cybersecurity is a lot like being a healthy person … it’s not just diet, it’s not just exercise, it’s not just being aware of pre-existing conditions,” Shipley explained in an interview with Global News New Brunswick. “It’s the combination of all and right now we’re living an extraordinarily unhealthy lifestyle."

Shipley spoke to Global News at the 2017 CyberNB CyberSmart Summit, a two-day event bringing together industry, academics and security professionals to talk about cybersecurity, cyber risk and how we can collaborate to address the 1 million skilled worker shortfall in a variety of cybersecurity related fields. 

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Shipley and the Beauceron senior leadership team are actively participating in the event and Beauceron is a proud sponsor for the summit.