Exploring Canada's global cybersecurity rank

According to a new United Nations report, Canada ranks 9th in the world when it comes to its approach to cybersecurity. 

But before we light the fireworks and celebrate our global supremacy, it's important to put that result in context, says Beauceron CEO David Shipley. 

"Even the dimmest light can shine in absolute darkness," says Shipley, noting that just having a cybersecurity strategy puts Canada ahead over half the countries measured in the UN report. 

The report notes that it only checked if countries had a strategy - not if that strategy was effective (or even current, as Canada's is nearly seven years old). 

Shipley spoke at length with Toronto 640AM guest host Andrew Lawton about the reality of global cybersecurity in a two-part chat. 

Part One: Why we shouldn't celebrate just yet:

Part Two: Why there's hope for a more cyber secure future


Image Courtesy Jiuguang Wang / Flickr. Used under Creative Commons license.