January Release

We are starting 2018 off with a bang! For more information on any of the features please reach out to your Beauceron representative.

Not a Beauceron customer but interested in the value this new functionality provides? Click here to request a demo. 

Major New Features

  • News Feeds

To help employees stay up to date with some of the most current security news, we've provided news feeds with links to our blog posts. We've also provided a feed of product updates so employees and administrators can stay up to date on the evolution of the product. If decided by your organizational administrator, it can also be disabled through our configuration screen.

  • Outdated Browsers no more

This year it's all about going back to the basics with security hygiene. Typically it's been a challenge for security teams to know whose browsers needed to be updated and employees didn't know they needed an update. With a notification educating users and a report to inform security teams, everyone can have an updated browser! 

  • My Phishing Simulations

Something we've frequently been asked by end-users is which phishes were Beaucerons'.  So we created a widget on the individual's dashboard to provide this information once the simulation has expired. Now employees can check out their dashboard to see which phishes they were sent!

  • New Course Content

Want to start using the remedial training through our incident tracking tool? Great news- we've just added additional training content for you! In addition to the current Beauceron core courses, there is now a variety of additional training courses that administrators can assign to individuals or entire divisions. 

  • Snapshot Report

This feature came as a request from division administrators who wanted a monthly report sent to them. It will include your division's risk score and some other key metrics the first of every month, starting February 1st. Want to see other things on this snapshot report? Please e-mail info@beauceronsecurity.com with requests. 

  • New Phishing Editor

With our new phishing editor, you can have fun customizing and creating new phishes for your team! There's even the ability to enable or disable certain phishes if you'd rather not use them within your organization. 

Product Improvements

Division Administration

  • There is additional visual context provided for good, average and poor score ranges in Average Score History
  • Option to automatically re-assign surveys after a configurable time frame (defaulted to one year)
  • Orphaned User report to show any users who have removed from their division but still have an account. 

Organization Administration

  • Additional options under the configuration tab to further customize Beauceron to fit your organization's needs.


  • Many minor tweaks, bug fixes and performance enhancements.