February Release

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Major New Features

Introductions for new users

Now when new employees are onbaorded into Beauceron for the first time, they are taken through an introduction. This allows them to know what each of the widgets mean and where to find key information throughout the platform. 

New administrators are also given an overview of the dashboard and administrative options open to them. 

Course Summary Report

As of February 6th, division administrators will have access to see the quiz results for each course their team members have taken. This will help administrators ensure their team is properly understanding the material.

This report is exportable in CSV format to allow for additional reporting customization or importing of data into HR systems.

Detailed Phishing Report

The new phishing report provides critical insight on the automated phishing campaigns that Beauceron runs for all of your team members.  It answers key questions such as:

  • What phishes are most effective against employees? 
  • What direction is the phishing trend headed in this month? High, lower or no change? 
  • What phishes do employees spot and report the most? 
  • What days of the week are employees most likely to fall victim to a phish? 
  • On average, how many employees who click on a simulated phish do so in the first 10 minutes? First hour and what is the overall average time to click? 

Product Improvements 

Division Administration

  • Now you're able to assign any orphaned users to a division directly from the report.

Organization Administration

  • Ability to change the source of the Security News RSS feed to your custom security news
  • Improvements to the course editor, including the ability to re-order slides.

Risk banding display for user scores

  • The Organizational and Division User Score trend widget now displays the colour-coded risk bands to make it easier to interpret

New phishes

  • Based on security trends and headlines as well as real samples collected by our team, we've added some new simulations to the automated queue.