Where to Start

This month’s podcast we’re diving into how management teams can start building their security program. Our guest, David Whelbourn, is an experienced project manager with a specialization in change management. In September 2016 he joined CyberNB as their programme director and transitioned into the world of cybersecurity.

Throughout the podcast you’ll hear his new perspective, key learnings and advice for management teams on starting their security program.

Ignorance is not Bliss

In our discussion, David highlights a challenge: there is so much going on in the cybersecurity world that the general population doesn’t know. Now, more than ever, management teams are dealing with increasing cyberthreats to their business.

 The worst thing to do is believe that that a cyberattack ‘won’t happen to our company’.

But the question remains how can a management team manage a risk they don’t have insight into?

There’s no need to run out and become a security expert. But the best thing a team can do, is start learning and start asking questions within your business.

Just Start

Starting with the basic technology and processes will help prevent up to 80% of common internet attacks.

Pick a framework and follow it, for many small and medium size enterprises, the Cyber Essentials Canada program is a great place to start building processes and technologies.

Instill a Willingness to Change

Building a security mindset involves a cultural change within your organization. David talks about the importance on focusing on the adoption of this new mentality within your organization.

To start building a cultural change within your organization, start talking with your employees about why the change is needed. Explaining how a cyber attack could impact production, productivity and your firm’s reputation can help folks understand the significance of their behaviour.

As soon as you start talking to folks and taking action, you begin reduce your risk.

To learn more, listen to the full podcast.