March Update

With monthly updates and quarterly releases, Beauceron is constantly evolving based on our customer's feedback.

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Division Administration

  • New Privacy and Records Management self assessment. 
  •  Added new “Search for Users” box that will let you search for all users you administer and quickly jump to their details page.
  • Two new reports: Survey Summary, to view the results of surveys assigned and Exposures Report which highlights the most common breaches impacting your workforce and includes a word cloud!
  • New ability to manually schedule phishing campaigns for selected users via Division Users. Once scheduled, you can view them under the simulations tab. 

Organization Administration

  • Moved Phishing Templates and Phishing Landing Pages under the new Simulations side menu.
  • New ability to set a data retention interval under System Configuration (defaults to 2 years). Old incidents, rewards and score histories will be purged after this period.