April Release

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Major New Features

Course Gallery

Under the Course Management side navigation, a new Course Gallery is available.

Here you can easily upload SCORM 1.2 courses to the Beauceron platform , view Beauceron developed content and any custom courses your organziation has developed. 

Technology Summary Report

A detailed report than provides easy to understand insight into the technologies deployed and the opportunities for improvement.

This report references the NIST cybersecurity framework grouping technologies based on 3 categories, Identify, Protect and Detect. 

Bulk Course Complete

Often front line employees complete mandatory training as a group led by a facilitator.

Beauceron enables the individuals to review the courses at any time in their dashboard while allowing administrators to mark all of the individuals as complete for compliance management.   

Product Improvements

Division Administrators

  • Enhanced filtering on the Division User page.
  • Added new Survey Summary Report, which highlights key information around the surveys people have completed. 
  • Renamed Division Assessments to Risk Assessments and moved under new side navigation menu item Risk Management. 
  • Added new side panel to quickly display user details n various places in the dashboard. 

Organization Administrator

  • Added ability to export a file of all users in the UserSync format.
  • Added ability to manually import a UserSync file of users.


Image courtesy Porsche Brosseau/ Flickr. Used under Creative Commons License.