May Update

With monthly updates and quarterly releases, Beauceron is constantly evolving based on our customer feedback.

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Personal Dashboard

  • Additional Insight into the components that make up the individual score
  • There are electronic Certificates under Awareness Education when completing training. Users who have previously completed training can also login and download certificates.

Division Administration

  • Provided more insight into the components that make up the divisional/organization score.
  • Merged Course Editor into the Course Gallery and renamed the sidenav entry to “Education”
  • Added ability to assign course to users directly from the Course Gallery
  • Added a course preview option to the gallery
  • Added a search option to the gallery

Organization Administration

  • Added the ability to clone phishing templates.
  • New manual phishing campaigns can now be created and users assigned directly from the Phishing Campaigns page.
  • Added many new phishing simulations to the pool.