June Update

With monthly updates and quarterly releases, Beauceron is constantly evolving based on our customer feedback.

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Division Administration

  • Added new reporting features for phishing campaigns. To view, click the name of the campaign on the phishing campaigns page.
  • The User Details page has been reformatted with a variety of functions into a tabbed interface. 
  • Added the ability to perform bulk actions (for example course enrolment) on entire division.
  • Reformatted the current Awareness & Education Report and created a new report where the results from the Awareness, Attitudes & Perception Survey and Completion Survey live: Survey Results. 
  • Reformatted the Reports Page to include categorical tabs and search functionality.
  • Incidents and Rewards can now be assigned to anyone in the organization directly from the top level division.
  •  The Bulk User Upload option under Division Users has been updated to improve performance and reliability.

Organization Administration

  • Reformatted the Division Details page so that the customization and configuration settings at the divison level are easier to use.