Q2 Release

We're excited to be launch some major new features and product improvements such as education self-enrolment, improved phish reporting and our new risk advisor feature as part of our second quarterly release!

Every quarter Beauceron releases new product features and increased functionality in the platform. Between quarterly releases we do monthly updates with smaller feature enhancements and bug fixes. 

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Major New Features


On the personal dashboard, employees can now self-enrol in designated courses. As the security lead, you are able to set which courses you want to be made available to your employees through the Education page. This helps provide extra training to those who are curious to learn more. 

Users who self-enrol for additional education will earn additional rewards on their personal dashboard and it will have a positive impact on their score. It also enables you to easily identify who those sheepdogs are within your organization! 

New Phishing Reporting Button

We've made some major improvements to our phishing reporting button for Outlook 2013, 2016 and Outlook Web Access. 

With the new button, users get immediate feedback whether the phish they're reporting is real or a simulation. All real phishes are forwarded along to an address your organization provides for triage and analysis. This new button makes reporting phishes easy within the organization.

We'll be building on the capabilities introduced with this new button, which syncs with users accounts via authentication, to surface more just in time information and cybersecurity awareness right in Outlook. 

As with the first version of our phishing reporting button, this tool integrates seamlessly thanks to Microsoft's Add-in functionality and can be deployed in minutes to all of your users. Our button requires little IT time to implement and can be customized with whatever logo you'd like within seconds. 

Incident response plan self-assessment

With increasing focus thanks to new regulations like Europe's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Canada's Digital Privacy Act, along with increasing civil lawsuits, it's more important than ever for organizations to have a robust incident response capability. 

Our new simplified incident response plan self-assessment can help your organization evaluate and improve your incident response capability. Completing the self-assessment will improve the accuracy of your Beauceron organizational score and new advice will be available in Risk Advisor. 

Phishing Reporting

There were several new features highlighting additional data from the simulated phishes. First, in the PhishForward Report, there's now the ability to compare the data from two date ranges. This enables organizations to see the engagement of users at different points in time. Now, you're able to assign rewards directly from the PhishForward Report. Secondly, for Phishing Campaigns, there's additional data on open and data capture rates.   

Risk Advisor

Risk Advisor.jpeg

We're thrilled to be announcing the general availability of Beauceron Risk Advisor. Risk Advisor is a new capability in the Beauceron platform that takes data gathered by the system through surveys, self-assessments and other means and creates a list of risks for your organization to consider actioning.

It breaks down risks by people, process, culture and technology providing individual items with full, plain-language explanations and recommended actions. 

Product Improvements

  • Improvements to French (Canadian) language support

Personal Dashboard

  • Streamlined the My Incidents and My Rewards panels
  • Added a new My Browsers Section which shows the version of the browsers you've logged into Beauceron from. 

Division Administrators

  • Added a "Delete User' option to the Orphaned User Report
  • Links in phishing simulation emails are now shorter and less obvious. 
  • Added a new relative date variable to the phishing template editor 
  • When assigning a course to a user, you can now mark it as Mandatory or Recommended. 
  • Custom courses can now have associated rewards that are given upon completion. 
  • SCORM courses can now be set to open in a new window if required. 

Organization Administrator

  • Added a new Documentation link for administrators under the Help menu. 
  • Added ability to view users’ browsers on their User Details page. 
  • The text on the Feedback dialog can now be customized under System Messages. 
  • Administrators can now enable/disable supported languages under System Configuration.