Our new COO and CSO

It's been an exciting few months for the Beauceron team as we hit several key milestones including landing our first national partner and our first European partner, as well as, significantly expanding our client and user base. 

While we'll have even more exciting news to share later this summer, we are particularly excited to share this latest update. 

Our new chief operating officer

Kathryn Chamberlain, Beauceron's Chief Operating Officer.

Kathryn Chamberlain, Beauceron's Chief Operating Officer.

The role of a chief operating officer (COO) is extraordinarily diverse: from helping plan out budgets and hiring plans, to working with the sales and marketing team, to promoting our platform to potential clients, to helping new clients become fully enabled with our technology. 

It's the kind of role that requires flexible thinking, creativity, staying calm under sometimes intense pressure and the ability to deliver on tight deadlines with often limited resources. 

That's why we're so pleased that Kathryn Chamberlain, our second full-time employee and our first business development lead, accepted the offer to become Beauceron's first full-time COO. 

Kathryn embodies all of the qualities necessary to succeed and thrive as our new COO.  She has played a pivotal role in the growth and success of Beauceron. Over the past year she has led major initiatives to ensure client success, helped develop our internal culture, build our team and provided product leadership. 

Kathryn's leadership potential was apparent when she joined Beauceron through the Venture for Canada (VFC) program, which selects a handful of Canada's best and brightest university students from amongst more than 2,000 applicants who want to become entrepreneurs and who want to work in start-ups. 

Recognized as an up-and-coming leader in cybersecurity and technology by CyberNB and highly regarded by our clients, Kathryn's people-focused approach to leadership and commitment to organizational growth has been invaluable to Beauceron. 

Our first chief security officer (CSO)

Benjamin Steeves, Chief Security Officer

Benjamin Steeves, Chief Security Officer

As a security firm that believes passionately in the need for firms to embrace a holistic approach to cybersecurity , we are committed to giving security a key leadership role in our organization. 

Reporting directly to the CEO, the CSO is responsible for helping shape our security strategy. The CSO creates, implements and refines our security  policy and procedures. Our CSO is also responsible for exploring how we can better use our own platform to advance our security and risk management practices. 

To be effective, the CSO requires practical experience, an analytical mind, sound judgement and the ability to question orthodoxy.  A truly effective CSO in our organization is one who can help the leadership team to confidently consider issues with due care and attention. 

It's the kind of role Ben Steeves, one of our founders, is a fantastic fit for. A cybersecurity and IT professional with years of experience numerous recognized security certifications, Ben has the combination of passion, skills and experience to help lead in this new role. 

Ben has served as Beauceron's part-time chief operating officer for two years, helping advance the firm from a part-time project to a full-fledged firm with more than 30 clients across North America. Ben is also the director of IT architecture at the University of New Brunswick, Beauceron's birthplace. Ben remains involved with both UNB and Beauceron. 

David Shipley is the CEO and Co-Founder of Beauceron Security Inc., a New Brunswick-based cybersecurity software firm with clients across North America. David is a certified information security manager and frequently writes and speaks about cybersecurity issues across North America.