Cities and towns in the crosshairs of cybercriminals

Imagine having business operations completely disrupted for 12 days. The lost revenue, lost productivity and damage to the organization’s reputation.

That’s the reality Midland, Ontario is facing.

Challenges for Municipalities

Municipalities continue to be prime target for cybercriminals across the globe. As tax payers, we’re looking for our municipalities to modernize and offer more online services, but with that comes with an increased risk.

An increased attack surface gives criminals the opportunity they need to find their way in, commonly through: social engineering attacks, gaining remote access or finding an unpatched server.

David Shipley, CEO of Beauceron and Kelly Cutrara, Global News 640 Toronto, discuss the challenges municipalities across Canada are facing.

Interested in learning more about how municipalities can protect themselves?

Read more about the City of Fredericton case study or listen to David Shipley’s full presentation at this year’s CAMA conference.

Image courtesy of Mykola Swarnyk / WikMedia. Used under Creative Commons License.