5 ways your organization can reduce burnout across your IT team

Beauceron Security strives to empower our customers and our staff.  

Competing priorities, constant change and financial constraints can create stress in the workplace. When left unaddressed, burnout — long-term, unsolvable job stress — can take over, and that’s bad news for your people and your bottom line.  

 IT professionals are no strangers to workplace stress. Small teams of experts are facing increased security risks and continued challenges in inspiring behaviour change across their organizations.  

 At Beauceron Security, our product and our approach to productivity is human-centric.  

Check out our tips to reduce burnout and empower your team to succeed!  

1. Recognize it’s an issue

You can’t solve a problem until you acknowledge it. A 2019 study that delved into CISO stress levels found that, across 408 CISOs in the UK and US, 91 per cent reported to suffer from moderate or high levels of stress. In Canada, the inability to unplug after work hours is reaching pandemic proportions.   

Limited resources and increasing demands on CISOs can make stress management feel overwhelming. The Beauceron platform automates much of that workload and acts as a package resource to relieve your stress by distributing the responsibility more evenly across your team members.  

2. Educate and empower your entire team

An educated team will stop security threats before they escalate to your IT department. Beauceron’s library of multilingual courses teaches employees about cybersecurity strategies, how to identify and report phishes and what a broad range of cybersecurity issues look like in real life.   

If a would-be threat never has the chance to materialize, the potential stressors on already overworked IT professionals can be minimized.  

3. Determine where your risks are

Most CISOs have no idea where their risks lie, making it tough to pinpoint and address problems. Beauceron identifies the risky people and helps them overcome weak points in knowledge and training to better the company’s overall risk score. Assessments are visual and easy-to-understand, helping high-risk employees change their behaviour quickly.  

4. Reward employees

The Beauceron platform comes with built-in rewards. When education is gamified, people are more motivated to learn, their risk scores are lowered — and your stress is mitigated!  

Beyond cybersecurity training, you can reward employees by acknowledging their achievements, celebrating their birthdays, giving them professional development opportunities and implementing EAPs (employee assistance programs). These are all activities offered through Beauceron’s total compensation package that contribute to our culture! 

5. Promote flexibility

 Recognize that individuals within your company have distinct personalities and need different tools in order to succeed. Some may do their best work remotely, while others need more face-time and collaboration with co-workers. Some may feel recharged after playing with a furry friend (did we mention we’re supporting a “Canine Comfort Zone” run by St. John Ambulance? Therapy dogs are on-site at Atlantic Security Conference in Halifax this month!). Show your employees that their uniqueness is valued, and they’ll work harder for you.  

Stress is contagious. If employees have their needs met, they’ll be more productive and won’t be passing stress along to the higher-ups whose jobs are demanding enough as is.   

Let Beauceron help you educate and empower your team — and reduce stress and burnout!  

Visit our booth at Atlantic Security Conference on April 24 and 25 or reach out to our team to learn more: info@beauceronsecurity.com or 1-877-516-9245.