Client Impact Stories

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Beauceron Security Case Study Frederiction


  • Successfully delivered first citywide cybersecurity awareness program

  • Over 90% staff reported feeling they knew more about cybersecurity from this experience

  • 100% of police force completed training in their mandatory program

  • Benchmarking data and insights via the NIST CSF maturity report

  • 3.25 phishes caught and reported by employees for every one

“We looked to several companies to help with cyber awareness training but there was nothing like the comprehensive program that Beauceron has available. The personalized risk score really caught everyone’s attention by providing context. For IT managers it helps us to zero in on the high-risk individuals and high-risk groups and follow up with more focused interventions.

It’s relatively hands-free to manage and the implementation was lightweight. We probably spent more time putting up the catchy posters in the lunch room than we did conjuring our systems to be ready.”

Adam Bell, Assistant Director Finance, Innovation, and Technology City of Fredericton

University of New Brunswick


100% of employees reported feeling they understand the important role they play in protecting the organization from cybercriminals

• Over 86% of employees said they learned from the Beauceron experience

• Phishing click rate now stands at 3%, a highly optimized state that is an improvement over past reports

• Employees continue to report more phishing simulations than falling victim to them, with a ratio of 2:1 for reported versus clicked

“From the planning stages to implementation and beyond, the Beauceron Team were eager to meet and exceed our expectations, both with technology and process.”

Erik Denis, Director Information Technology Services
University of New Brunswick