Our Core Values 

Foundational to Beauceron's culture is the high level of trust shared amongst all members of our team. In building and nurturing this trust, we have defined these five core values as our guidelines for behaviour. Living these values, whether internally or at the customer level, is paramount to a cohesive, productive, and rewarding work environment.  

It's the way we will do things. Every day. 


We are part of a larger community environmentally, socially, and professionally. We strive to serve our team, peers, and communities with the same level of passion, respect, and spirit in every situation.  We put the needs of the group ahead of our own, develop people, and help everyone perform  to the best of their ability. 


We are committed to understanding the significance of every task and every line of code as a step in moving the company forward and in fulfilling our mission to build a more secure world. We create opportunities to make any project interesting and meaningful. We find ways to leverage passion and inspire others. We celebrate our successes and the successes of others. We are passionate about the work we do. 


We see each other as people first and colleagues second, we take care of the pack and offer a helping hand (or paw) whenever we can.  We challenge and inspire each other through honest and open communications.  We recognize and value each individual’s unique contributions, and accept constructive criticism. We know that only by working hard together can we achieve even greater things.


We believe that curiosity does not kill the cat (or in our case, dog). We are all empowered to challenge the status quo with a new solution. We strive to learn new skills and see problems as opportunities to find solutions. We believe that a problem-solving mindset is a Beauceron mindset. Everyone is empowered to take initiative and lead to their full potential. 


We acknowledge each of us have different backgrounds, skills, and experiences.  To be successful, we will provide a safe and supportive environment in which we know we are valued. We are encouraged to engage in open, constructive communication.  We treat each other with kindness and transparency.