David shipley,
Chief executive officer & CO-Founder

David is a recognized Canadian leader in cybersecurity, frequently appearing in local, regional and national media and speaking at public and private events across North America. David is a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Information and Communications Studies as well as a Master of Business Administration from the University of New Brunswick.  

Between July 2012 and May 2017 David helped lead the multi-year effort to transform UNB's approach to cybersecurity.  David led UNB's threat intelligence, cybersecurity awareness and incident response practices before founding Beauceron Security.

His experience in managing awareness programs, risk management and incident response helped shape the vision for the Beauceron platform. 


Sean McDougall,
Chief Technology officer & CO-Founder

Sean has 17 years of software development, systems administration and day-to-day operational security through various roles.

Sean has worked with David and Ben on countless successful initiatives, from launching UNB's first graduate online application system, to its first mobile app to spear-heading UNB's migration of its entire student and alumni e-mail system five years ago to what is now Microsoft's Office365.

Sean has extensive experience in investigating and responding to the a variety of cyber incidents and attacks. 

At Beauceron, Sean leads leads the transformation of the vision and architecture for the Beauceron platform into a reality and leads our development efforts.


Ian MacMillan
Chief Experience Officer & Co-Founder

Ian is a UI/UX designer and front-end developer by trade, with a wealth of industry experience and professional practice.

Having worked as a UI/UX professional with organizations such as the University of New Brunswick, and IBM Security, Ian has lead the design and implementation of various UI and UX large-scale projects. Ian's experience includes working in verticals such higher education, sustainability, and cyber security.

As the CXO, Ian's role with Beauceron is to oversee an exceptional user experience for both clients and employees within our organization. His knowledge and expertise helps create an smooth workflow and simple usability within our products and our practices.

Kathryn Chamberlain

Kathryn Chamberlain
Chief Operating officer

An expert in organizational behaviour and fellow with the leading entrepreneurial community, Venture for Canada, Kathryn is keenly interested in helping companies develop their cybersecurity culture. 

 As Chief Operating Officer, Kathryn is responsible for managing a variety of tasks around the growth of the company. From helping plan out budgets and hiring plans, to working with the sales and marketing team, to promoting our platform to potential clients all the way to ensuring clients become fully enabled with our technology. 

Kathryn holds an Honours Bachelor of Commerce with a minor in Mathematics from Mount Allison University.


Benjamin Steeves,
Chief Security officer & Co-founder

Ben is a 15 year veteran of the higher education IT world. Over the span of his career he has been a developer, systems engineer, security analyst, business analyst, project, product and people manager.

Ben's job is turning our vision for an affordable, effective solution for cyber risk management into a scalable, secure and robust architecture. Ben worked alongside David as part of the cybersecurity leadership team at UNB. 



Wayne Hatfield
Business Development

Wayne is an innovator and entrepreneur who is passionate about helping firms reduce their risk while maximizing the benefits of their investments in cybersecurity technologies and services.

A proven sales and marketing leader with more than 30 years experience, Wayne co-founded Sun Microsystems IMO for Atlantic Canada and helped grow it to more than $20 million in annual revenue. After the company was acquired by Bulletproof Solutions, Wayne became Bulletproof’s Sales and Marketing VP and helped to build one of the region’s best known IT and security brands. 

Wayne’s focus at Beauceron is to help its clients and partners succeed and to help build Atlantic Canada’s next cybersecurity success story, creating further economic opportunities in New Brunswick and improving security for firms and organizations around the world.