The Beauceron Platform

Enabling continuous improvement

Our comprehensive, automated cybersecurity management platform is designed to make it faster, easier and less complex for organizations of all kinds and sizes understand their cyber risk and to help them take actions to reduce that risk.

Effectively managing cyber risk takes more than just cybersecurity awareness programs, threat risk assessments and security technology purchases.

It's a continuous management process that involves all of these elements as well as the creation of a security culture throughout the organization from boards and senior management to the front-line. 

A proprietary Cyber Risk Score is calculated for each individual, department and the entire organization. Updated regularly, this risk score changes based on the behaviour of the individual and organization.

Personal Risk Score Wheel.PNG

Key features

Leadership Teams

Security Teams

Insightful reports with metrics and key risk indicators that make it easy for managers, senior executives and boards to gauge cyber risk and organizational efforts to manage that risk.

Built with global organizations in mind, Beauceron has a multi-lingual framework.

Easy to understand, yet powerful questionnaires, surveys and self-assessments for your team members, IT teams, security leadership and executive management that help identify key risks in user behaviour, perception and awareness as well as organizational culture.

Keep your information safe in our secure cloud infrastructure with multiple layers of physical and digital security including data encryption at rest and in transit. Easily configure the data retention policy for Beauceron within the platform.

Cybersecurity awareness courses delivered automatically within Beauceron with our proprietary courses, build your own custom courses with our editor or import SCORM 1.2 courses.

Easily customize the Beauceron Platform to your organization's brand and culture.

Easy to deploy and complete scalability leveraging our cloud architecture, with low administrative burdens on your IT or cybersecurity team.

Integration with Office365, ADFS and SAML-based identity providers for single-sign on and automated user provisioning make it fast and easy for users to be onboarded with their existing organizational information.

Integration with threat intelligence sources to check if your organizational members' information is showing up in known major data breaches, which are often used to generate new attack targets.

Real incident capture tool that documents material cybersecurity incidents. This helps leaders understand threat and risk trends and helps automate education and accountability for any organizational members involved in the incident.

Automated phishing simulations designed to test user knowledge after they've been trained on how to spot and avoid social engineering attacks.