So-phish-ticated Phishing

Decide what works for your organization.

Whether you want to have the automated random simulations run on a configured basis, you want to manually schedule specific campaigns or run campaigns without supplemental training- Beauceron easily adapts to your organization. 


Included with the Beauceron Platform is automated phishing simulations. Administrators can configure the frequency, the phishes in the tank and let it run automatically.


If you want to be more hands-on, there's the ability to schedule specific campaigns at different times throughout the month, or leverage the custom phish builder to create spear phishing attacks to test employees during business trips. 


We use real phishes our customers recieve to simulate attacks from the wild - it’s the best way to learn
— David Shipley, CEO Beauceron

Automatically Empower Users

Reporting with PhishForward

Over 60% of employees we surveyed answered that they want to report  attacks and help the organization. It's important to create a workflow that enables reporting to be done in an easy and manageable way.

Beauceron's PhishForward reporting tool makes it easy to have a location for employees to forward phishes to and reward them for being an active part of the defense. 

It closes an important education loop by immediately following up with users letting them know if the e-mail was a simulated attack or real.

Remedial Training

When individuals do fall victim to phishing simulations, it's an important and crucial learning opportunity. Not only does Beauceron provide a customizable education landing page, we immediately follow-up with an e-mail to the employee.

By notifying them that they've received a phish and encouraging them to take additional training in Beauceron on social engineering tactics it automatically closes the training loop.


Phish Editor

Edit our templates or create custom phishes for your organization with our easy to use Phish Editor.

This can be used to imitate recent attacks your organization faced, send spear phishing campaigns or customize to your locations.  Once a phish is enabled, it goes into our PhishTank and is randomly sent out to users or can be scheduled by an organizational administrator for custom phishing campaigns.




Meaningful insights

Phishing reports down to the department and Individual level

What gets measured is what gets managed in organizations.

Our phishing simulation report provides detailed analysis of the categories of phishes your team is falling victim to, the click-through rate, reporting rate and the ability to drill down further based on division.


Phishing Report Summary.PNG