Owning Risk 

no organization is 100% Cybersecure 

The term cybersecurity can be a misnomer, with no organization ever 100% truly secure. What organizations can do however is own their cyber risk and effectively manage it over time.  Beauceron makes it quick and easy for organizations to understanding their current risk profile and what are the best steps they can take to reduce it over time.


Organizational Dashboard

Measuring risk

Using Beauceron's proprietary algorithm, a holistic cyber risk score is calculated at the divisional and the organizational level. Security roles enable leadership teams to have access to the dashboarding and reporting features for the division their responsible for.

Our common framework enables organizations to benchmark themselves against the Beauceron Index, the average of all customers. 


Risk ADvisor

Understanding What's next

This interactive tool highlights areas of opportunity to begin reducing your cyber risk, categories them by risk factor and prioritizes them based on the knowledge of our security experts. 

For IT teams, it provides an easy way to prioritize upcoming projects, while providing visibility for management teams to understand the  steps being taken to reduce risk.

Risk Advisor.PNG
We like to reference the NIST Framework because it breaks cybersecurity down into terms management teams can understand.
— David Shipley

NIST readiness Report


Cybersecurity's  Hierarchy of Needs

Similar to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs where humans need water, food and shelter, organizations need to be able to identify the systems, processes,  devices and priorities of the organization. If you can't identify what's supposed to be there, all of the following categories become increasingly challenging. It becomes a challenge to protect the  organization, detect malicious intent, respond to an adverse event and recover back to normal operating conditions.

 Based on the inputs provided into Beauceron, we calculate a NIST Readiness score and map the self-assessments back to each of the sub-categories in NIST.