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Customizable Cybersecurity Training

Customizable content to meet corporate culture
Cybersecurity Training

Choose from our course gallery when scheduling learning throughout the year and assign relevant training based on the division level or to a specific individual. For SME’s our out of the box workflow covers the basic security awareness training, for advanced teams the workflow and content can be customized and contextualized to fit your needs.

Designed and written by security experts, Beauceron's out-of-the-box content provides an excellent overview of the threat landscape and how employees can protect their organization.

Automated Phishing Simulations and Reporting

Automated Phishing Simulations and Reporting

Whether you want to have the automated random simulations run on a configured basis, manually schedule specific campaigns, or run campaigns without supplemental training – Beauceron easily adapts to your goals. With our in-tool editor, you can easily customize or create your own phishing simulations within the Beauceron platform.


Beauceron’s PhishForward reporting tool makes it easy for employees to forward phishes to the correct location. Beauceron automatically and immediately follows up with users to let them know if the e-mail was a simulated attack or a real one.


By seamlessly integrating our powerful approach to phishing with the calculation of the Personal Risk Score, Beauceron enables you to automatically reward employees for being an active part of the defense.


Our phishing simulation report provides detailed analysis of the categories of phishes your team is falling victim to, the click-through rate, reporting rate and the ability to drill down further based on division.

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Beauceron Security

Cyber Risk Assessment and Reporting

The personal risk score is an individual’s cyber risk compass. It tells them if they’re headed in the right or the wrong direction and gives an opportunity to improve by correcting risky behaviours or filling in knowledge gaps.

The risk score applies some of the key concepts of gamification by incentivizing good security behaviours through our revolutionary approach to status and recognition-based rewards which clearly contribute to improved scores.

Beauceron fixes a key problem with traditional cybersecurity awareness - the inability of people to see the connection between their knowledge and behaviour and the risk they pose to themselves and their organization.


Engage your organization

When you tell your users thank you for doing the right thing, whether they report something suspicious before they fall victim or tell you after they’ve made a mistake, you take advantage of the world’s most intelligent security – your people.


Experience how Beauceron uses gamification to change employee behaviour and reduce cyber risk.


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