Beauceron Security

A new approach to measuring, managing and monitoring your cyber risk.

Designed to make cybersecurity faster, easier and less complex, empowering organizations of all kinds and all sizes to understand their cyber risk, take action and change their security behaviour.

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Delivering effective, efficient and engaging cybersecurity training

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Cybersecurity Training

Customizable Cybersecurity Training


Personalized risk scores provide context for your employees and takes into account how much they know and care about cybersecurity.

Personal scores also reflect how well employees do in their education as well as whether or not they have fallen victim to any real attacks or simulated security incidents, including phishing e-mail simulations. 


Automated Phishing Simulations and Reporting

So-phish-ticated Phishing

Automated, random simulations running on a monthly basis or a tailored schedule with specific campaigns allows your security program to respond to your organization.

Learn through detailed analyses and reports which categories of phishes your team is falling victim to. Click-through rates, reporting rates and the ability to drill down further based on division and individual bring your phishing to the next level.

+ We have an easy to deploy button for O365

Automated phishing simulation and reporting
Cyber Risk Assessment and Reporting

Cyber Risk Assessment & Reporting

Insightful Analytics

Beauceron's secret sauce algorithm calculates divisional and an overall risk score. Managers can see what’s happening within their team and senior leaders get a department-by-department breakdown of risk.

This data, when applied to the NIST framework, serves as a compass, providing real time assessments of cyber risks and recommended remediation, positioning IT teams and executives to address or absorb a risk, based on their corporate culture and resources.


Beauceron Platform

Measurable, automated, behaviour change

Beauceron Security
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Experience how Beauceron uses gamification to change employee behaviour and reduce cyber risk.


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