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Whether you’re an organizational employee, business, IT or security leader, Beauceron can help you understand cybersecurity and provide knowledge and insights to proactively reduce your risk. We help you and your team make better decisions.

Cyber risk comes from the combination of people, process, culture and technology.

The IT team can't fix it on their own.  Solving it means taking a new, comprehensive approach that engages everyone in your organization - from senior management to front-line team members -  in the effort. 

We transform cybersecurity from a reactive, IT-focused activity to proactive, strategic organizational activity. Our comprehensive, automated cybersecurity platform covers cybersecurity education, social engineering simulations, executive surveys and dashboards as well business process and technology gap assessment and analysis. 

What clients say:

Beauceron turned cyber risk from something to lose sleep about into something we effectively manage
— Adam Harris, Managing Director, C-Therm Technologies

Why clients choose beauceron

Beyond Awareness

Our approach goes beyond traditional cybersecurity awareness approaches.

Our personal cyber risk score improves individual team member engagement and accountablity. It empowers individuals by giving them the ablity to improve their personal cyber risk.

Our proven approach turns everyone into part of the cybersecurity solution.

Actionable Insights

Our platform makes it simple to understand the state of cyber risk in your organization.

We help you understand who your most risky team members as well as your most risky groups, divisions or departments. Your overall organizationl cyber risk score is presented in understanable terms for leaders, team members and IT.

Our key insights will help your organizaton priortize its risk reduction efforts.

Easy Deployment

Our clients can be up and running in a single day, with minimal IT team resources and committment.

Integration with Single Sign On solutions through Office365, Microsoft's ADFS and more make it easy for everyone to get access. Our powerful UserSync feature makes it simple to automatically on-board new team members.

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