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Beauceron makes cyber risk management easier, faster and more effective by engaging your employees and turning them into your best defence.

Customizable Cybersecurity Training | Automated Phishing Simulations and Reporting | Cyber Risk Assessment and Reporting

Behavior Change

We give employees a cyber risk score they can see in their personal dashboard along with the information and tools they need to improve it.

Insightful Analytics

We provide the right information at the right time enabling better decision-making about cyber risk throughout the organization.

Easy Automation

Our automated platform is simple and fast to setup. It requires little time from IT or security teams to manage.

enable better decision-making


We’re doing what Fit Bit and Apple Watch did for exercise to cybersecurity. 

Our cloud-based platform uses gamification for individuals by giving them a cyber risk score they can see in their personal dashboard and empowering them to improve it. 

We do the same thing at the departmental and organizational level, answering key questions such as: How are we doing, how do we compare to others and how do we improve? 

With annual pricing that scales, our customers range from ten employees to tens of thousands.   

What clients say:

“Beauceron turned cyber risk from something to lose sleep about into something we effectively manage”
— Adam Harris, Managing Director, C-Therm Technologies

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