Technology alone can't tackle cyber risk

Cyber risk comes from the combination of people, process, culture and technology. The IT team can't fix it on their own.  Solving it means taking a new, comprehensive approach that engages everyone in your organization - from senior management to front-line team members -  in the effort. 

We've built the technology to not just make that possible, but to make it quicker, more affordable, and much easier to do than ever before.


Our service turns the single biggest target in your organization - people - into your most important security asset. Our unique approach and individual cyber risk scores help educate and empower your team.


Our approach helps your organization compare your current cyber risk practices against the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, so you can identify gaps in your approach and begin fixing them.


Tackling cyber risk requires a safety focused culture. We help you understand how your team members and leaders view cyber risk and provide critical insight on areas of strength, weakness, opportunity and threat.


We use technology to empower people and to bring balance back to cybersecurity. For too long technology has been used to work around people-focused cyber risk. Our software-as-a-service changes that story.

The Problem


Organizations of all kinds and sizes, from the biggest banks and governments to small businesses and more face an ever-growing cybersecurity challenge. Whether it's from organized online criminals, nation-states, hacktivists or just thrill seekers out to sow chaos and confusion. 

So far, the attackers have been winning. 95% of cyber-attacks and incidents exploit unsuspecting
and uninformed employees. Attackers have realized that tricking your people or taking advantage of process and culture gaps is the easiest way into your organization. 

Many don't know where to start when it comes to tackling this threat. For others, the scale of the problem is so overwhelming they can't keep up. 

For many, it's a question of how best to apply limited resources - people, time, money - to have the greatest impact to the organization and to reduce cyber risk. 

The solution

Beauceron was designed from the ground up by cybersecurity professionals confronting rising threats with limited time, budget and human resources. 

Our cloud-based solution offers a complete solution for surveying, education, simulated phishing and scoring your team members, providing them with insight and tools to better manage their personal cyber risk. 

Powerful organizational dashboard and reports make it easy for every one from IT to HR, to managers and senior leaders to understand what's going on in their organization and to get involved in managing cyber risk. 

Why clients choose beauceron

Awareness to Agency

Our approach goes beyond security awareness.

Our individual cyber risk score helps introduce not just accountablity but also empowers individuals by giving them the ablity to improve their personal cyber risk.

Our proven approach turns everyone into part of the cybersecurity solution.

Insightful Analytics

Our platform makes it simple to understand the state of cyber risk in your organization.

We help you understand who your most risky team members as well as your most risky groups, divisions or departments. Your cyber risk is presented in understanable terms for leaders, team members and IT.

Our key insights will help your organizaton priortize its risk reduction efforts.

Easy Deployment

Our clients can be up and running in a single day, with minimal IT team resources and committment.

Integration with Single Sign On solutions through Office365, Microsoft's ADFS and more make it easy for everyone to get access. Our powerful UserSync feature makes it simple to automatically on-board new team members.

Our Approach

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